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Support for Disabled Adult Children

While child support in Pennsylvania generally ends when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school (whichever occurs later), it is sometimes possible to receive support for a disabled adult child who is no longer in high school. In order to continue to receive support for a disabled adult child, the parent seeking support needs to prove that the child is unable to support himself due to his disability. In some cases, a disabled adult child may already be working or capable of obtaining work (such as through sheltered workshop programs), but the test is not whether he can work at all, but whether he can earn enough through work to support himself adequately.

As always, the parent seeking support will also need to provide information regarding the child’s current residence and living situation (e.g. which parent the child lives with or how they split their time between houses), as well as the parent’s income, as child support is calculated using both parents’ incomes.

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