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When can you sponsor a foreign employee for a work visa?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Immigration

The United States has a shortage of some kinds of skilled workers. Businesses in need of engineers, medical researchers and other highly-educated and skilled professionals may struggle to find the right candidates domestically.

Sometimes, companies need to look abroad to find the right talent. Other times, a company will recognize that they already have an employee in another country capable of performing a job based in the United States.

In either of these scenarios, you might hope to sponsor a worker to enter the United States. Work visas make it possible for domestic employers to retain the help of skilled foreign professionals for their business. When can you potentially bring workers into the country with employment visas?

When there is a verifiable shortage of the skills you need

The federal government tracks employment rates and information about vacant positions. These labor statistics can help a company build a case for an employment visa.

Given the relatively well-known shortage of certain specialized engineers, for example, bringing in international talents may make sense. H-1B visas are among those available when you have an exceptional potential employee who could help your company if they can enter the United States.

When you already have the right talent

If you have workers at your company who perform the same job or your offshore offices, that employee could make a valuable addition to your domestic team.

Demonstrating that you have a pre-existing work relationship with a specific employee may qualify them for an intracompany transfer visa, like L visas.

When your workers are willing and able to relocate

Another consideration is whether the talent you have identified for a position is willing to relocate to the United States. Some people might not qualify for a visa because of a criminal record or similar issue.

Before you invest the time and energy into attempting to sponsor an individual for an employment based visa, you may want to conduct an independent background check to make sure they meet the standards established by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Recognizing when employment-based visas can be a viable solution for your company can help you hire the right talent at the right time.