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Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can lead to criminal charges

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Criminal defense

There are many drugs that are against the law or prohibited in Pennsylvania. Recreational marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine are all substances that result in criminal charges for simple possession. There are many other drugs that are subject to certain restrictions but are not outright banned.

There are prescription medications that pose a significant risk of abuse or addiction but are legal with a recommendation from a doctor. Those medications, as well as others that you can buy in the store, could potentially put you at risk of criminal charges.

Why do legal drugs cause criminal prosecutions?

Someone misuses or transfers prescriptions

Controlled substance laws are clear about what individuals can do with their prescription drugs. You can take them in the manner recommended by your doctor, and that is basically it.

Consuming the medication in an alternate method to increase its potency or doubling up your dose would be hard to prove in court but technically constitute violations of controlled substances laws.

Giving that medication to your spouse or selling it to your neighbor with migraines could also easily lead to criminal charges.

Someone purchases too much of one medication

When it comes to over-the-counter medications, certain cold medications are subject to intense legal monitoring. While they are available over-the-counter, you may have to write your name down and provide identification to complete the purchase.

Especially if you buy small amounts from multiple shops in a small amount of time, that could lead to drug charges against you. Law enforcement officers may suspect you of manufacturing methamphetamine or supplying those pills to someone else for manufacturing purposes.

Someone ignores how the drugs affect their driving

One of the most common reasons that people face criminal charges for otherwise legal medications is that they drive after taking them. While you may feel like the drug does not impair your ability, police officers may not agree with you.

Making mistakes with prescription or over-the-counter medication could potentially lead to Pennsylvania drug charges, but there is always a way to fight back against criminal accusations.