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Your green card can help your loved ones enter the United States

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Immigration

Adjusting your status to become a permanent resident is an exciting process. While you are legally in the country, your visa will eventually expire. There is a limit to how many times you can renew your visa, even if you comply with all domestic laws and immigration rules. Adjusting your status means you won’t necessarily have to leave the country.

Suddenly, your time in the United States doesn’t have a specific end date. You can potentially stay for the rest of your life. You can purchase property and continue to enjoy employment and educational opportunities here in the United States. Your risk for removal or deportation decreases somewhat once you get your green card.

The benefits of becoming a permanent resident don’t just apply to you but also to the people closest to you. Your opportunities to reconnect with your family will also expand. As a permanent resident, you can potentially help your loved ones travel to the United States. The family preference visa program helps those with green cards support immediate family members who want to come to the United States.

Who is eligible under the family preference visa program?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handle thousands of applications for family-based immigration every year. Many of these applications will be for family preferences visas. With a family preference visa, qualifying family members can enter the country and obtain a green card, just like you have.

United States citizens and permanent residents can benefit from the family preference visa program. As a permanent resident, the options that apply to you are in the second preference category. You can help your spouse enter the United States. If you have unmarried children who are under the age of 21, they could also potentially qualify for a family preference visa when you have a green card.

Living in the United States can be lonely if you are thousands of miles away from the people you love. You can potentially share your good fortune with loved ones and help them join you in the United States. Learning more about family-based immigration opportunities can help you reconnect with your closest family members once you have your green card.