Need To Appeal A Denied Unemployment Claim?

Whether you quit, were terminated or laid off, it is common for unemployment claims to be denied for a variety of reasons. All hope is not lost, however, if your claim is denied. It is possible to appeal the denial and continue to seek the compensation you require and deserve.

The skilled lawyers at Tanner Law Offices, LLC, have extensive experience handling all aspects of unemployment compensation cases, including denials and appeals. Our firm approaches each case on an individual basis, determining how to proceed based on the facts and your goals for the outcome of the case. Many appeals are successful. However, not all are. Our attorneys can help you understand your options and how the potential outcomes of your unemployment claim appeal may affect your life.

Appealing Unemployment Claim Decisions

If either you or your previous employer is dissatisfied with the result of the Notice of Determination, either the employer or the employee has the right to appeal the determination. The appeal will be heard by an unemployment compensation referee. If either party is unhappy with the decision of the referee, the application may be appealed again to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Appeals, and even beyond that if necessary.

We will work closely with you to gather all the necessary paperwork and construct a compelling case to ensure that your rights are being protected. Having handled numerous appeals in this area of law, the firm is able to efficiently navigate through the many situations that may arise throughout the course of appealing your unemployment benefits denial.

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