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For people considering filing for divorce, or who have been served with a divorce complaint, there are two primary concerns about their future: What will happen with the children and how will the financial future look. For many people in divorce, concerns about custody, property, debt and retirement assets are overwhelming.

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  • Marital asset valuation, equitable division of property and debts: Including complex property issues such as business and professional practice valuation, pensions and retirement accounts, real estate holdings and stock investments
  • Child custody issues and support: Including legal and physical custody, parenting plans and child support
  • Spousal support: Including temporary and permanent maintenance and alimony pendente lite support during the legal process

We Help You Decide Which Type Of Divorce Filing Is Right For You

Pennsylvania law provides for fault and no-fault divorce actions. Most cases are filed as a no-fault divorce unless there are strategic reasons for filing a fault-based divorce.

Some differences between the two types of divorce include:

No-fault divorce: Either party may file and serve the other spouse with a copy of the divorce complaint, with no specific cause or “fault” required for filing. Neither party can finalize the divorce action before the 90-days waiting period has expired. After the 90-days waiting period has expired, both parties have the option of signing consent forms to enable the divorce to be finalized with the court. If one party refuses to sign the consent form in order to finalize the divorce, the party who wants the divorce to go through has to wait until the parties have been separated for a period of two years before he or she can begin to push the divorce through without the cooperation of the other party.

Fault divorce: While fault of either party during the marriage has little, if any, impact on the equitable distribution of the marital assets, if the grounds for fault exist, it can be beneficial to the filing party to file a fault-based divorce if he or she can show that he or she is the innocent and injured spouse of the marriage. If one spouse can show that the other spouse’s actions were the reason for the marriage’s failure and that the injured spouse was at no fault, then the injured spouse can push the divorce through under this ground without having to wait for the two-year separation period.

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