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Lawyers For Child Support Modifications And Enforcement

Tanner Law Offices, LLC, in Camp Hill, represent individuals who need legal help with child support, spousal support or alimony issues. We represent clients with family law issues in Dauphin County, Cumberland County and York County, Pennsylvania. If you are facing problems with your original court order, protect your legal interests. Call us at 717-836-0471 or contact us by email to schedule a consultation to meet with one of our knowledgeable family law attorneys as soon as possible.

Child Support Modifications

What may have been a fair and workable child support Order at the time of the divorce or separation, may no longer work. If you have found yourself in a position in which you can no longer abide by your original child support order, call us before you skip a payment or try to make an informal arrangement with your child’s other parent. We will explain the process for petitioning the court for an approved modification order.

Child Support Enforcement

Although your county of residence is supposed to enforce the payment of child support obligations, getting the obligor to pay can be difficult. If you have not received the monthly support you are owed by court order, contact us to talk to one of our lawyers about enforcement services available to you through the system.

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