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Anyone facing charges for a sex crime understands the dire situation ahead of them. Pennsylvania’s authorities pursue sex crimes zealously. When you are the target of a sex crime investigation, you need a legal team you can trust.

At Tanner Law Offices, LLC, we are attorneys who prioritize building trust with clients. We provide experienced legal advice and aggressive legal defense to clients facing any criminal charge. We promise total confidentiality and attentive service as we defend your name against the most serious charges you face.

Your Name And Freedom Is At Stake

Sex crime charges are a significant risk to you. Not only is your freedom at stake, but so are many of your relationships. The public and personal fallout from a sex crime accusation are extremely devastating. That’s why we move quickly when our clients are charged with such crimes as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Solicitation
  • Child molestation
  • Child pornography
  • Internet sex crimes

Our duty is to our clients. In the legal system, you have many rights, and we ensure that the state respects them at every turn. We are aggressive and move to take control of the situation as quickly as possible.

Sex Offender Registry: The Ongoing Consequence Of Sex Crimes

One way that sex crime charges can continue to make life difficult for you is the threat of the mandatory sex offender registry. These lists keep a person’s information on them for a long period of time and can be an issue long after their sentence has been completed. If you face a charge that may place you on the registry, you must secure a skilled, comprehensive defense.

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When you contact our firm, we get to work immediately because that’s what you need. We put in the work to defend you and your future and take every step to do that. Call our office in Camp Hill at 717-836-0471 or send an email to schedule a meeting with us.