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Attorneys For Employment-Based Immigration

Increasingly, the path toward legal documentation and residency status in the United States is coming through employment visa path. Employers in central Pennsylvania seeking legal international employees or legal status for current employees in central Pennsylvania can turn to Tanner Law Offices, LLC, for quality employment immigration law services. Tanner Law Offices, LLC, is located in Camp Hill near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Whether you own a business or are responsible for securing visa status for your business entity, our attorneys are ready to work aggressively to clear hurdles that are becoming more and more complex and restrictive each year.

We can help your business with:

  • H-1B (specialty occupations)
  • E (treaty trader/investor)
  • I (foreign media)
  • L (intracompany transfer)
  • O (extraordinary ability)
  • P (entertainers/athletes/performers)
  • R (religious worker)
  • TN (NAFTA professional)
  • Other H visas, including H-2B (seasonal workers) and H-3 (trainees)

In addition to visas for your employees, we also offer a full range of family based immigration services for accompanying or extended family members wishing to join your employees in the United States.

Nationwide Services
Whether you are an employer seeking visa status for workers at your operations in central Pennsylvania or are headquartered in Pennsylvania and require visas for workers anywhere in the United States, we have the experience to help you meet your immigration law needs.

Federal Immigration Law Is Highly Complex. We Handle The Red Tape.

Each visa has specific requirements that both the sponsoring employer and the employee must satisfy. We help put these pieces together to give you the best chance of success. We help make sure you fit the right criteria and follow the right steps to help keep the process moving, avoiding common missteps that cause delays or denials.

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Before you start the application process for your employees, it makes sense to understand the steps. Call our offices for a consultation with one of our experienced immigration law attorneys. We can be reached at 717-836-0471 or by email.