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Medical Waivers in Green Card Applications

If an intending immigrant is inadmissible to the United States for certain medical reasons, they may be able to obtain a medical waiver and then successfully apply for their green card.  Waivers are discretionary; USCIS is not required to approve an immigrant’s waiver application.  Medical waivers are available, in some circumstances, for individuals with communicable diseases; individuals who are not vaccinated as required; and individuals with certain mental or physical disorders.  Depending on the reason for requesting a waiver, the immigrant may be required to show that they are undergoing appropriate treatment or that they have a moral or religious objection to a vaccine or vaccines.

Sometimes, even if a waiver is approved, certain conditions will be placed on the immigrant (such as obtaining necessary medical treatment) or a bond may be required.  In the case of an infectious disease, USCIS may also consult with the CDC to help them decide on the waiver application.

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