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Medical Exams for Green Card Applicants

Getting Your Green Card: Medical Exam (Form I-693)

Every client applying for a green card will need a medical examination. Not just any doctor can complete the required form, the I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. Only a “civil surgeon,” a doctor approved by USCIS or the Department of State, can complete this form.

The process and timeline for obtaining a medical exam varies depending on whether an applicant is applying for his green card inside or outside of the United States.

Applicants Inside of the United States

For an applicant who is planning to attend his green card interview within the United States, the medical examination needs to be submitted simultaneously with the I-485 Adjustment of Status application. An applicant within the United States must seek out a USCIS-approved civil surgeon to complete his medical exam. USCIS provides a list of approved providers on their website:

Applicants Outside of the United States

For an applicant who will be attending his interview at a US consulate or embassy abroad, the medical examination should not be completed until the applicant is ready to schedule his interview. Each consulate or embassy has their own slightly different instructions for completing the medical exam, which can be found on the Department of State’s website: After clicking on the appropriate consulate or embassy, an applicant should scroll down and click on “Medical Exam Instructions.” This will open up a list of consulate- or embassy-specific instructions for the medical exam, including a list of approved civil surgeons who can complete the medical exam.

After the Exam

If a TB test comes back positive, requiring additional testing, or if an applicant requires additional vaccinations or other treatment, he must complete any required tests or treatment prior to receiving the completed medical examination from the doctor.

Once the medical exam has been completed, the doctor should provide an applicant with the completed form inside of a sealed envelope. It is important that this envelope remained unopened- the sealed envelope must be sent intact to USCIS along with the adjustment of status application. The doctor can also provide an applicant with an unsealed copy of the medical examination for his records.