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Co-Parenting Counseling

In many custody actions, parents have different parenting styles and difficulty seeing eye-to-eye on parenting decisions. This can make it difficult for them to cooperate to make choices or plans for their child, such as signing the child up for extracurriculars, arranging transportation, choosing the best healthcare providers for their child, and many other issues.

When parents are experiencing these common co-parenting issues, their attorneys or the Court may suggest co-parenting counseling. While it isn’t appropriate for every case (such as a case in which one party has abused the other), co-parenting counseling can be a fantastic tool in many cases to decrease the tension between the parties, help them to co-parent more effectively, and benefit the child, who naturally observes and is affected by the tension between his parents.

While it is sometimes possible to get co-parenting counseling covered by insurance, it is more common for co-parenting counseling costs to be borne by the parties. However, co-parenting counseling is often less expensive than paying an attorney to file multiple petitions with the Court, and parties are typically much happier when they can successfully make parenting decisions together, rather than continually rely on the Court to resolve their disputes.

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