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ADIT Stamps

The ADIT (Alien Documentation, Identification and Telecommunication systems) stamp (also known as an I-551 stamp) is a stamp that is affixed to a page in one’s passport or on an I-94 card that serves as temporary proof of lawful permanent resident status. A lawful permanent resident (“LPR” or “green card” holder) may want, or need, to obtain an ADIT stamp if their permanent resident card has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, or if it never arrived, or if they are waiting for an extension of their LPR status to be approved.

When LPRs travel abroad and return to the United States, they ordinarily provide their passport and green card for inspection at the border, port of entry, or airport. A valid passport is necessary to travel, and LPRs must provide proof of lawful permanent resident status in order to travel with their passport.  For an LPR who does not have their green card in their possession, an ADIT stamp in their passport or on their I-94 can serve as proof of their current status as a lawful permanent resident. Without proof of their current lawful permanent resident status at the border, it is possible for an LPR to be delayed or even denied admission to the United States.

To obtain an ADIT stamp, an LPR must first file a Form I-90 to replace their permanent resident card, or Petition to Remove Conditions. Then, if processing times are delayed, they may request an appointment from their local USCIS field office to obtain the ADIT stamp. If the need for the ADIT stamp is urgent—for example, a death or serious illness in the LPR’s family abroad—then it is important to provide documentation of that urgent need to USCIS, such as plane tickets, a doctor’s letter regarding a sick relative, etc.

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