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Replacing a Lost Card or Expired Green Card 

A Lawful Permanent Resident card (often referred to as a “Green Card”) is an important document that proves that an individual is living lawfully in the United States as a permanent resident and that they are legally authorized to work in the United States. When the card is lost, stolen or destroyed, it can be difficult to travel, prove your eligibility for employment, or apply for certain benefits. It is therefore necessary to replace your green card to minimize the disruption in your life. 

You can apply to replace your lost or expired green card with USCIS. You will need to provide a copy of either your most recent green card or another acceptable form of government-issued ID along with your application, such as your driver’s license or passport. You will need to provide an explanation as to the reason that your card needs to be replaced. If your card was lost or stolen, you should file a report with your local police department and provide a copy of the police report with your application.

If your card needs to be replaced because there was a typographical error in the card that you received from USCIS or because you never received your green card from USCIS, you may not need to pay a filing fee in order to have your card replaced. You will, however, have to provide documentation to show that the mistake on the card was due to USCIS error and not due to an error submitted on the application that was filed with USCIS. 

The attorneys at Tanner Law Offices can help you determine if you need to pay a filing fee or not in order to have your green card replaced and we can assist you in preparing and filing the application to renew your green card. Please contact our office at 717-836-0471 to discuss your options in filing to replace your green card.